Vim Tutor a.k.a. vimtutor is an interactive tutorial designed by the developers of Vim to help you get started with the basics of Vim. Vim Tutor takes between 25 to 30 minutes to complete and after completing it you will be able to use Vim as a generic text editor by using the most common commands and keys to navigate and edit text.

The best of all: Vim Tutor comes by default with Vim and does not require anything special to run.

In order to run Vim Tutor, just call the command vimtutor from your shell prompt and Vim will start with a copy of Vim Tutor file that you can use and edit. Just follow the instructions provided on screen.

$ vimtutor
=    W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   V I M   T u t o r    -    Version 1.7      =

     Vim is a very powerful editor that has many commands, too many to
     explain in a tutor such as this.  This tutor is designed to describe
     enough of the commands that you will be able to easily use Vim as
     an all-purpose editor.

     The approximate time required to complete the tutor is 25-30 minutes,
     depending upon how much time is spent with experimentation.

     The commands in the lessons will modify the text.  Make a copy of this
     file to practice on (if you started "vimtutor" this is already a copy).

     It is important to remember that this tutor is set up to teach by
     use.  That means that you need to execute the commands to learn them
     properly.  If you only read the text, you will forget the commands!

     Now, make sure that your Shift-Lock key is NOT depressed and press
     the   j   key enough times to move the cursor so that Lesson 1.1
     completely fills the screen.